Target Audience

Target Audience

Target Audience

The target audience is as follows:


The success of the Expo depends on the number of visitors, the quality of participation, the performance of the services on the site, and the quality of coverage by the media. The communication plan targets all of the factors that contribute to creating this success.

a. Visitors

Result of Study Abroad Expo 2016 Visitor Intention Survey across 15 countries and regions in 2015.


• Improving domestic and overseas awareness of Study Abroad Expo 2016
• Increasing domestic and overseas interest and intention to visit
• Focusing on increased engagement and adapting the communication plan to the different needs of domestic and overseas audiences


Awareness: The general awareness is 75%, among which includes the countries as Germany, China, France, UK, USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, UAE, Turkey, Norway, Russia, and more.
Intention to visit: 30% of overseas respondents expressed their intention to visit Study Abroad Expo 2016.

b. Media Campaign

To ensure maximum participation, Study Abroad Expo has always been supported by a nationwide, multimedia advertising campaign in Daily PAVEL in the print media, Express News, Duniya News,ary news,92 News, and FM103 on the radio and in the digital space. To further widen the outreach of the Expo, Study Abroad International publishes its Special Magazine. The Magazine features specially commissioned, highly informative articles about higher education, studying abroad and professional education in general as well as informative profiles about the participating colleges and universities.


• Increasing media coverage domestically and globally;
• Planning an intensive international media campaign;
• Establishing a transparent communication platform for journalists
• Display advertising in major newspapers and in our Study Abroad International education magazine.
• Sending 45,000 invitation cards to the students & visitors.
• Personalized mailing to pre-registered students of high schools and colleges.
• Publicity in relevant youth and career publications.
• Printing of Exhibition catalog for student visitors.
• Promotional marketing through 10 millions emails before the exhibition.
• Inviting more than 250 Universities/Colleges all across the world.
• Study Abroad Expo 2016 is better known among domestic media than overseas media;
• Media coverage is limited both at home and abroad.

Television Media

Radio Media

  • Express News
  • Duniya News
  • Ary News
  • 92 News
  • Radio Pakistan
  • Mast FM 103

Newspaper Media

  • Daily Express
  • Daily Duniya
  • Daily Pavel Faisalabad
  • Daily Punjab News Faisalabad
  • Daily Millat Faisalabad
  • Daily Saadat Faisalabad
  • Daily Public Faisalabad
  • Daily Naya Ujala Faisalabad
  • Daily Commercial News Faisalabad
  • Daily Report Faisalabad
  • Daily Soorat-e-Hal Faisalabad
  • Daily Yarn Faisalabad
  • Daily Ahem News Faisalabad
  • Daily Zarb-e-Aahan Faisalabad
  • Daily Chenab Times Faisalabad
  • Daily Shahkaz Faisalabad
  • Daily Islah News Faisalabad
  • Daily Nawa-e-Badar Faisalabad
  • Daily Chenab Faisalabad
  • Daily Faisalabad Report

3. Participants


• Attracting more international participants and promoting cooperation between them;
• Helping create synergies with all participants through sound communication services;
• Promoting an educational presentation of high quality content.

4. Companies


• Attracting more domestic and overseas companies;
• Supporting the development of services and incentives for sponsors and partners;
• Developing different marketing and communication activities for sponsors and partners, and different plans for domestic and overseas companies.

Phased Approach:

Different communication themes in each phase according to the objective and the planned activities of that period.



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